Selva Negra

Selva Negra is a sustainable coffee plantation that welcomes tourists. From the food on the table in the lakeside restaurant to the electricity in the quaint half-timbered cabins, everything needed to run this little kingdom is produced at Selva Negra. Located in the highlands of central Nicaragua, the hills of Selva Negra are draped in green year round and the temperature is always comfortable. 


Bungalow are equipped with private bathroom, solar hot water, terrace, rocking chairs, double doors to private terrace overlooking the gardens, furniture made with rescued wood. 


Restaurant can choose between national food. The menu ingredients are organically produced on the farm


Restaurant, bar, business center, trails, gardens, parking, gift shop, laundry service

Tours & Activities

Hikes, horseback Ridings, bird watching & coffee tours

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USA: 1-888-803-3344

Canada: 1-866-865-7013

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