San Juan del Sur beaches have become a well-known destination for surfers!

The small city of San Juan del Sur has activities for everyone; a seaside resting-place with leisure activities based on nature and the sea. Surf Lessons is a plus while visiting the area as there are important spots of the country, whether you are comfortable surfing long board rollers perfect for beginners to overhead barreling waves.

 Visit La Piedra del Indio and find the rock face while hike around the reserve. There are lot of nature to explore at this destination, ask for each hotel reserve and get in touch of Mother Nature. San Juan del Sur is a small town on a bay surrounded by miles of virgin beaches, take advantage of your visit and get impress for La Flor Reserve where thousands of sea turtles come to lay their eggs.

There are more activities to join such as: canopy tours, horseback ridings by the beach and the mountains, nocturnal hikes.