Exuberant nature & important episodes of history are mixed in this region

About 190 miles southeast of Managua,  nd named after the river which runs through it, the Rio San Juan is the natural border with Costa Rica.

The whole area is considered a tropical rain forest. The bio diversity is spectacular. All along the river you will see hundreds of different bird species like: Chestnut Toucans, Harpy Eagles, Boat-billed herons, Great Egrets, Jacanas and Cormorants. Other species as caimans (crocodile), turtles, monkeys, red arrow frogs.

The Solentiname Archipelago  made up of 36 islands of different sizes. Nature is abundant in this area, and the fishermen and farmers that live on these islands have started to dedicate themselves to another famous activity since the 1960’s: the creating of primitive paintings and art.

In these areas, there only few lodges available

Sabalos Lodge
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