The beating heart of the Cloud forest & Coffee plantations

Its territory, which is crossed by two mountains, features several rivers flows, interesting towns, rural communities, rural tourism facilities and many natural attractions such as mountains, natural reserves, lakes and waterfalls. Near the capital city is the small San Ramon, where there are areas of reserves, old coffee plantations and mines, some of which offer community-based tourism activities. Some of the activities that you can try are based on Eco Rural practices, from picking the coffee to the mill processing until you can drink it. There are lot of activities where you can shared with the locals and help the community. At Selva Negra you will admire the Cloud Forest Reserve by foot or by horseback ride getting down by their coffee fields. Finca Esperanza Verde , it a Ecolodge and nature reserve run by local staff offers comfortable lodging, shade-grown organic coffee, rain forest walks over well marked trails and other natural wonders like the Butterfly Conservatory

Coffee Tour & Tasting
Welcome to La Hammonia Farm, growers of Selva Negra Estate Coffee, located in the highlands of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We are proud to offer you a top quality organic, rainforest alliance certified coffee. You...
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Nature Tour
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Sustainable Tour
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