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Welcome to La Hammonia Farm, growers of Selva Negra Estate Coffee, located in the highlands of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We are proud to offer you a top quality organic, rainforest alliance certified coffee. You will find, by reviewing this website, some amazing information on the extraordinary effort we go through to ensure you receive that high quality cup of coffee that you can be proud of consuming and thereby being a supporting part of our many social and environmental efforts. Visit the Selva Negra Coffee from seed to cup link to see the entire life of our coffee from the nursery to export and beyond. We are continually improving our processes and searching for the most ecological means of producing our coffee as well as improving the quality of life for all who live here. Visit the sustainable efforts link to review the many sustainable efforts that make our farm an incredible case study of sustainability and ecological possibilities. We live at our farm, and therefore we ensure that it is an absolutely wonderful place to be. We extent to you and your friends a heartfelt invitation to the coffee estate. You won’t believe it, until you see it.


Entrance fees, guide, tasting.


02 hrs

What to bring

Wear long trousers, wear boots or hiking shoes, wear a sunhat or cap, use sun lotion, wear sunglasses, bring insect repellent.

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USA: 1-888-803-3344

Canada: 1-866-865-7013

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