A great country to be discovered on your own.

These are perfect packages for those who like to take their own time to travel through Nicaragua. Nicaragua's rich combination of warm, authentic culture and diverse nature and geography make it a treasure for travelers.. Its culture, its nature, the strong traditions and the diversity within its borders make it a true treasure and unforgettable destination. Nicaragua offers many tourist facilities, jet it is still unspoiled and the destinations are authentic, true and pure. We recommend you the best destinations to visit, including the charming colonial seashore city of Granada, the island of Ometepe, , Masaya and its volcanoes, Leon and its amazing old buildings, San Juan del Sur and its beautiful beaches and so much more.

Discover Nicaragua Self Drive
In Nicaragua there is a lot to see, and being able to enjoy it will all the freedom in the world is a great thing. Some of the interesting places you’ll see are: Managua, León,...
Self Drive in Nicaragua
Nicaragua is a great country to discover on your own. There is a lot to see, and much of it is within a short distance, so you won’t spend a lot of time traveling from place to...