Leon City Tour

Explore the rich cultural and political history of one of Nicaragua´s oldest and most influential cities. Defined by its graceful Spanish colonial architecture and fascinating political history, you will soon discover why León is considered to be Nicaragua's historical, cultural, educational and religious capital.Climb to the rooftop of Central America's largest cathedral, recently added to UNESCO´s list of World Heritage, and enjoy the amazing views over the city and surrounding Maribios Volcanic Chain.Visit as well the San Francisco Convent and the beautifully carved Casa de los Leones;  the Sutiaba (indigenous neighborhood), the Ruben Dario Museum, Museum of Myths and Legends, and the Central square & murals.


Transportation, , bilingual (English-Spanish) guide  and entrances fees


03 hours

What to bring

Long pants, comfortable shoes and camera.

Dates   Rates
From: 01 NOV 15 To: 31 DEC 19
Drop off Managua Adult $78
Children $35
Private $88
Private child $44
Rate Adult $30
Children $15
Private $40
Private child $20

Kids under 5 year free of charge. Museums closed on Sunday afternoon and Mondays

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