Ometepe Island
Maderas Volcano

Make your way through the thick jungle of volcano Maderas while enjoying the wide biodiversity. Coffee plantations are located at the bottom part of the volcano. Make your way past the lookout, which has an amazing view on volcano Concepción, to take a dive in the beautiful Crater lake! You will pass some petroglyphs and a nice lookout from where you can see the Concepción volcano and the lake.


Transportation (only from San Juan de Isla), bilingual (English-Spanish) guide and entrances fees


Full day

What to bring

light clothes, comfortable shoes and camera.


Sandwich, fruits and 3 liters of water per person.

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Concepcion Volcano
With its 1610 meters, volcano Concepción is the higher and more prominent volcano on the island of Ometepe. The Concepción is a near perfect cone-shaped Volcano. During the cha...
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