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Located in the northern highlands of Nicaragua, about two hours from Managua and 900 meters above sea level- Matagalpa is a cool and lush forests, beautiful green mountain landscapes this is the heart of Nicaraguan coffee country and home to the nearby coffee plantation of Selva Negra There are a number of interesting attractions in the city that you might want to see or visit. One of these is the cemetery, which is dedicated purely to foreigners and is just a few minutes walk from the city. There is a unique railess steam train that runs on dirt which can be seen at the Selva Negra Museum and visitors can take a coffee tour and go visit the Coffee Museum. Cultural horders should look out for an Indian Black Ceramic that is unique to Matagalpa alone and can be bought in most of the shops here. The province is well known for many products, especially for the large variety of vegetables, coffee, flowers and dairy products that can all be bought locally. You will find plenty of hiking trails in the forest as well as the chance to see howler monkeys, coatis, armadillos and more than 200species of birds. Different restaurants providing local cuisine and hotels or resorts to stay in while you visit Matagalpa.

Nicaragua Hotel Bastilla Ecolodge Matagalpa

Bastilla Ecolodge

Located in the stunning Datanli-El Diablo nature reserve, at a height of 1200 msnm, La Bas…

Nicaragua Hotel Selva Negra  Matagalpa

Selva Negra

Selva Negra is a sustainable coffee plantation that welcomes tourists. From the food on th…

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